Guidance and support

Information for professional pharmacy and pharmacist services

Pharmacist Vaccination

Pharmacist vaccinators contribute to the success of local and national immunisation programmes. Find resources here for providing a pharmacy vaccination service.

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Dispensing and Medicines Supply

Information related to dispensing services and processes including regulation, procedures, funding and eligibility.

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Medicines Management Services

Patient-specific services that aim to ensure prescribed pharmacotherapy is understood and taken for optimal safety and efficacy.

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Opioid Substitution Treatment

Information on the role of pharmacists and pharmacy services offering opioid substitution treatment (OST), including guidance for dispensing methadone.

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Community Pharmacy Anticoagulation Management Service (CPAMS)

Information for pharmacists related to the delivery of the Community Pharmacy Anticoagulation Management Service (CPAMS).

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Community Pharmacy Gout Management Service (CPGMS)

Background information related to the development and delivery of the Community Pharmacy Gout Management Service (CPGMS).

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Pharmacist Frameworks

Learn about the Integrated Health Care Framework and the National Pharmacist Service Framework and the impact they have on pharmacy in NZ.

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Needle Exchange Programme

The Needle Exchange Programme has a harm-minimisation approach that aims to give injecting drug users the means to use a new needle and syringe every time they inject, to reduce transmission of blood-borne viruses and infection rates for the community as a whole.

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