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Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand is a professional membership based association representing the pharmacy profession.

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22 Mar 2019

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Draft Therapeutic Products Bill Consultation

15 Mar 2019

A draft of the new legislation proposed to replace to current Medicines Act and Regulations has been released for consultation. PSNZ is working on a submission and would very much value member input. A video presentation from the Ministry of Health provides an overview of the key areas for pharmacy. We have also created a feedback portal for members to enter their views on the proposals. Feedback is welcome by Monday 25th March at 5pm.

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A changing treatment landscape? Current use of biologics in Rheumatology, Gastroenterology and Dermatology Programme - On Demand

Due to Popular demand, the Biologics Programme will be re-run in 2019.

Biologics, also known as biologic therapies or biologic response modifiers, have become an important part of modern healthcare. Join this programme to learn about the development of biologics, their efficacy, common adverse effects, monitoring, initiating these agents and more!

Dr Rebecca Grainger (Rheumatologist), Dr Stephen Inns (Gastroenterologist) and Dr Gerhard Eichhoff (Dermatologist) will each discuss in detail the use of biologics in their respective specialty field.

Remember this Programme can form part of your Group 3 goal on biologic therapies!

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MAVIRET® Quality Use of Medicines - On Demand

MAVIRET is a fully funded hepatitis C prescription medicine on the Pharmaceutical Schedule from 1st February 2019.

Pharmacists are required to complete the MAVIRET ® Quality Use of Medicines course to be enrolled in the AbbVie Care Pharmacy Programme to order and dispense MAVIRET.

For more information and to register to start the course click here.

Sponsored by:

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Atrial Fibrillation Management - Live Webinar

Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most common cardiac arrhythmia encountered in primary care and affects at least 5% of people in New Zealand over 65 years.

People diagnosed with AF have a higher risk of mortality and are associated with a four to five-fold increased risk of stroke, a three-fold increased risk of heart failure and two-fold increased risk of myocardial infarction and dementia compared to people without AF. Symptom control and prevention remain current goals of management.

Join this live webinar presented by Dr Martin Stiles to learn about the four pillars of AF management, Stroke Prevention, Rate Control, Rhythm Control and Lifestyle Modifications. Also learn about the pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment options as well as monitoring. The role of pharmacists in the management of AF will also be discussed.

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Chronic Pain Management - Programme

Chronic pain is complex and can be difficult to treat. It is a major health problem that can have a considerable impact on individuals and society.

About 1 in 6 New Zealanders live with chronic pain and symptoms can range from mild to severe. With chronic pain, the goals of treatment are to reduce pain and improve function so people can continue with daily activities.

Many pharmacists will be moving into their new three year learning cycle. Begin your new learning cycle by joining this programme to enhance your knowledge on Chronic Pain Management.

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