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Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand is a professional membership based association representing the pharmacy profession.

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Friday Newsroom Latest Edition

03 Jul 2020

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Annual Report 2019

30 Jun 2020

The 2019 Annual Report outlines the Society’s key achievements over the past year and details progress against long-term goals.

The Society’s key role is to help shape the future of the pharmacy profession to achieve quality patient outcomes. For 2019 that has involved:

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Depression and Vascular Dementia - On Demand

Depression and physical illness may both be factors in suicide for older adults. Men 85 years and above have one of the highest suicide rates in New Zealand.

Almost 70,000 Kiwis are living with dementia today and it is estimated that more than 170,000 Kiwis will be living with dementia by 2050. Dementia impacts about 30% more women than men.

Join Dr Adam Sims to learn about the epidemiology, symptoms, the possible link between dementia and depression, assessment to confirm the diagnosis, evidence based treatments and goals illustrated by scenarios that portray how these conditions may present in the community.

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Refugee Health - On Demand

New Zealand is one of many countries who offers a home to refugees. Through the Refugee Quota Programme, New Zealand resettles 1000 refugees every year.

As pharmacists, it is important to understand the different backgrounds and health needs of refugees as most are at risk of significant health issues. Specific focus on refugee health is required to ensure this vulnerable population receives optimal care and support.

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Endometriosis - Live Webinar

Join this live webinar to learn about Endometriosis. Our presenter will provide a brief overview of endometriosis, covering its aetiology, and the what, why and where of this enigmatic disease. We will discuss early intervention for dysmenorrhoea and why it matters. Best practice treatments and management with a multi-disciplinary approach will be presented and discussed. We will take time to review a few relevant case studies.

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Adverse Drug Reactions Programme

All pharmacists play a crucial role in contributing to medication safety, through the prevention, identification, documentation and reporting of Adverse Drug Reactions. If you have identified you need to up skill in this area of your practice, then join this 9-week programme consisting of 4 webinars presented by David Woods, with input from Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring (CARM) and other expert contributors. Learn about adverse drug reactions, drug interactions, drug hypersensitivity, pharmacovigilance, the role of CARM and the importance of reporting an adverse drug reaction. The focus will be on identification, assessment and harm minimisation.

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