Preceptor Pharmacists

What is a preceptor?

The preceptor is the primary point of contact for the intern pharmacist during their intern year, both as a teacher and as an assessor amongst other roles they may fill. They are responsible for the intern’s training and ongoing assessment of their competence.

They facilitate the development of knowledge, clinical skills, communication skills and professional attitudes. They supervise, guide and act as a role model to the intern. They provide a safe work environment, demonstrating ‘hands-on’ skills and experience.

A preceptor praises the intern when praise is deserved and offers constructive criticism when it is needed. They help their intern identify gaps in their practice and help them develop ways to meet these gaps.

A preceptor has a passion for the pharmacy profession and an enthusiasm to pass their knowledge and experience on to the next generation of pharmacists coming through.

Intern pharmacists have significant academic knowledge in their heads, but often need guidance on how to apply this knowledge to real life patients. This is where a great preceptor is invaluable.


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