What we do

Our aim is to support the pharmacy profession to lead, grow and prosper as essential healthcare providers. 

As New Zealand’s professional body for pharmacists, we’re committed to enhancing your reputation, advocating on your behalf, and providing you with professional support and resources to enable your practice.

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Enhancing your reputation

The Society educates the public on existing and new services that pharmacists provide. We position pharmacists as trusted healthcare professionals that the public and other health professionals increasingly value for their important role in our health system.

Advocating on your behalf

The Society shapes the future of pharmacy by working with the Government and District Health Boards as the voice of all pharmacists. We lobby for funding and service innovation to provide opportunities to work in your widest possible scope.

This year we’ve worked closely with the Government’s Health and Disability Review transition team and COVID-19 vaccination team to represent pharmacists’ interests. 

We’ve attended numerous meetings with Ministry of Health staff, highlighting opportunities for pharmacists to utilise their clinical skills to deliver the best health outcomes for patients.

Enabling your practice 

The Society provides you with professional support and a range of resources to enable your practice.  We deliver accurate and authoritative practice advice and regulatory interpretation to ensure the capacity, competence and capability of the profession.  We deliver quality education and specialised training to enable pharmacists to keep up to date and to provide a range of services.

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