Fact Cards


Approximately 60% of New Zealand pharmacies are Self Care members. Look for the Self Care sign and stand in a pharmacy or ask the staff if they have Self Care fact cards.

  • The 45 fact card topics, as below, are relevant to everyday pharmacy practice
  • The fact cards help support, and can provide structure to, patient consultations.
  • The fact cards are independently written and tested by NZ Pharmacists
  • The content is reviewed by experts and relevant organisations
  • The information is targeted to the recommended reading age
  • All cards are regularly reviewed and updated


Fact CardUpdatedFact CardUpdated
AcneDecember 2023Head LiceDecember 2023
Alcohol and pregnancyDecember 2023High Blood PressureDecember 2023
ArthritisDecember 2023
Indigestion and HeartburnDecember 2023
AnxietyDecember 2023InfluenzaDecember 2023
AsthmaDecember 2023Maternity ServicesDecember 2023
Children’s IllnessesDecember 2023MigraineDecember 2023
Children’s Pain and FeverDecember 2023Mouth UlcersDecember 2023
Chronic back pain & Ankylosing spondylitisDecember 2023Pain ReliefDecember 2023
Cold Sores or Herpes SimplexDecember 2023Preparing for PregnancyDecember 2023
ConstipationDecember 2023Prostate ProblemsDecember 2023
COPDDecember 2023Quit SmokingDecember 2023
Coughs and ColdsDecember 2023Reducing Your CholesterolDecember 2023
CPAMSDecember 2023Safe Use of MedicinesDecember 2023
DepressionDecember 2023ScabiesDecember 2023
Diarrhoea and VomitingDecember 2023Sleeping WellDecember 2023
Emergency Contraceptive Pill

December 2023

Sprains and StrainsDecember 2023
Eye Care and ConjunctivitisDecember 2023Sun Safety and Skin CancerDecember 2023
Fighting Colds and the FluDecember 2023ThreadwormsDecember 2023
Fungal InfectionsDecember 2023Type 2 Diabetes

December 2023

GoutDecember 2023Urinary Tract InfectionsDecember 2023
HaemorrhoidsDecember 2023Vaginal ThrushDecember 2023
HayfeverDecember 2023Warfarin Management

December 2023

Weight and HealthDecember 2023