Fact Cards


Approximately 60% of New Zealand pharmacies are Self Care members. Look for the Self Care sign and stand in a pharmacy or ask the staff if they have Self Care fact cards.

  • The 45 fact card topics, as below, are relevant to everyday pharmacy practice
  • The fact cards help support, and can provide structure to, patient consultations.
  • The fact cards are independently written and tested by NZ Pharmacists
  • The content is reviewed by experts and relevant organisations
  • The information is targeted to the recommended reading age
  • All cards are regularly reviewed and updated


Fact CardUpdatedFact CardUpdated
AcneJanuary 2021Head LiceJanuary 2021
Alcohol and pregnancyJanuary 2021
High Blood PressureJanuary 2021
ArthritisJanuary 2021
Indigestion and HeartburnJanuary 2021
AnxietyJanuary 2021InfluenzaJanuary 2021
AsthmaJanuary 2021Maternity ServicesJanuary 2021
Children’s IllnessesJanuary 2021MigraineJanuary 2021
Children’s Pain and FeverJanuary 2021Mouth UlcersJanuary 2021
Chronic back pain & Ankylosing spondylitisJanuary 2021Pain ReliefJanuary 2021
Cold Sores or Herpes SimplexJanuary 2021Preparing for PregnancyJanuary 2021
ConstipationJanuary 2021Prostate ProblemsJanuary 2021
COPDJanuary 2021Quit SmokingJanuary 2021
Coughs and ColdsJanuary 2021Reducing Your CholesterolJanuary 2021
CPAMSJanuary 2021Safe Use of MedicinesJanuary 2021
DepressionJanuary 2021ScabiesJanuary 2021
Diarrhoea and VomitingJanuary 2021Sleeping WellJanuary 2021
Emergency Contraceptive PillJanuary 2021Sprains and StrainsJanuary 2021
Eye Care and ConjunctivitisJanuary 2021Sun Safety and Skin CancerJanuary 2021
Fighting Colds and the FluJanuary 2021ThreadwormsJanuary 2021
Fungal InfectionsJanuary 2021Type 2 DiabetesJanuary 2021
GoutJanuary 2021Urinary Tract InfectionsJanuary 2021
HaemorrhoidsJanuary 2021Vaginal ThrushJanuary 2021
HayfeverJanuary 2021Warfarin ManagementJanuary 2021
Weight and HealthJanuary 2021