EVOLVE Intern Training Programme

EVOLVE delivers the postgraduate programme that enables interns to develop the skills they need to register as pharmacists.

EVOLVE is the New Zealand Intern training programme that provides practical training and support for BPharm graduates in their final stage of becoming qualified pharmacists. EVOLVE is accredited by the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand (PCNZ).

The programme is run by a dedicated team of pharmacists and support staff who encourage and advocate for both interns and preceptors during the course of the programme.

Interns enjoy a variety of hands on learning experiences.

The programme consists of a variety of assignments, workshops, portfolios and appraisals. These include hands-on scenarios and training where the intern is presented with real-life situations that they would experience in the course of their work.

The programme produces pharmacists that are workforce ready.

Interns achieve competency in pharmacy-specific skills as well as in other key areas that are central for their roles as qualified pharmacists.

Being able to communicate confidently and clearly with the public and other health professionals, being culturally competent, life-long learners with strong problem solving and up-to-date clinical skills are some of the outcomes that Interns gain from the programme.

EVOLVE programme outcomes ensure the pharmacy profession in New Zealand maintains the highest level of competency and professionalism.