EVOLVE is the New Zealand Intern Training programme for New Zealand and Australian BPharm graduates on their journey to becoming qualified pharmacists.

  • Structured, accredited programme built on the Competence Standards for the Pharmacy Profession
  • Guides and supports the intern from student to independently registered pharmacist
  • Provides a mix of online and face to face training
  • Supports the intern in the workplace
  • Facilitates the intern to competently apply their knowledge in the workplace
  • Supports the preceptor and employer to provide quality training
  • Develops professionalism and life-long learning pharmacists

The EVOLVE programme provides practical training and support for interns over the course of the intern year. The programme is run by a dedicated team of pharmacists and support staff who encourage and advocate for both interns and preceptors during the course of the programme.

The programme consists of a variety of assignments, workshops, portfolios and appraisals throughout the course of the year. These are complemented by the intern working full time under the supervision of an experienced and qualified pharmacist. This helps the intern to develop competence in pharmacy specific skills as well as in other key areas that are central to the role of qualified pharmacists.

The EVOLVE programme helps to ensure that pharmacists entering our profession maintain the highest level of competency and professionalism. The goal of the programme is for interns to become autonomous pharmacists who are able to think independently, have strong problem solving skills, great clinical knowledge and are there to work with and support the public and other health professionals.

The programme runs from the 1st of February until the 7th of November each calendar year. 

The EVOLVE programme is accredited by the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand (PCNZ).

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