Preceptor Training


For a pharmacist to become an intern preceptor, they must attend or have attended a preceptor training.

Preceptor training must be undertaken by all preceptors with an intern if they:

  • Are taking an intern for the first time
  • Have not attended a preceptor training within the last 3 years (and have not taken an intern every year)
  • Have not attended a preceptor training within the last 6 years (and have taken an intern every year)

Preceptor training is a one-day workshop. The workshop is tailored specifically to help EVOLVE intern preceptors develop the necessary skills to ensure fair and valid assessment of their intern throughout the year.

Preceptor training is run face to face and is provided free of charge. You will need to arrange your own transport to and from the venue. Preceptor training is held in the main centres around the country in February each year. There is a catch-up session for preceptors who have an intern starting mid year or for whatever circumstances, a change in preceptor is necessary. Please contact one of the EVOLVE team for these dates.

You must attend your preceptor training within TWO months of taking an intern. As part of the workshop, there is some pre and post course work to complete. You will need to complete the post course work within ONE month of your training.

Training is valid for 3 years before a refresher course is required. However, if a preceptor takes an intern each year, the refresher course only needs to be completed every 6 years.

Please note: you are only able to attend preceptor training if you have an intern or are about to have an intern start with you.

To become a preceptor, please download and fill in the Preceptor Approval form below. Once you have completed this form, you will be able to book your preceptor training course.

2025 Preceptor Training

If you are looking to employ an intern in 2025, Preceptor Training will be held in February 2025.  Preceptor Training is a one day workshop which runs from 9am until approximately 4.30pm.

Dates for preceptor training in 2025 have not been set yet.

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