Accreditation for Educational Activities


A structured process is provided to enable formal Pharmaceutical Society of NZ accreditation and endorsement of learning activities delivered by external providers that support the maintenance and development of professional competence as defined in the Pharmacy Council's Competence Standards for the Pharmacy ProfessionThe Society does not accredit or endorse any CE organisation or provider.

The accreditation of CE activities provides an assurance to pharmacists and other stakeholders that an activity has been reviewed for its educational quality and for its relevance to professional pharmacy practice. CE can be either accredited or non-accredited. The Pharmacy Council of NZ currently does not require that all or any part of a pharmacist’s learning is accredited, however, where non-accredited activities are undertaken, it is the individual pharmacist’s responsibility to assess potential activities for suitability and relevance to their area of practice and to determine whether their learning needs and goals will be addressed by undertaking these activities.

The Society has developed CE Accreditation Standards (January 2015) against which all accredited learning activities are assessed. These Standards define measurable attributes for all PSNZ accredited or endorsed CE activities . CE providers must meet all the criteria outlined in these Standards for accreditation of their activities and remain accountable for the quality of the learning activities they offer.

Accreditation or endorsement of CE activities:

  • assures their quality, consistency, impartiality and integrity
  • provides pharmacists with a reliable basis to select quality activities
  • promotes the provision of appropriate, high quality continuing education to support improved evidence based pharmacy practice
  • ensures that they are relevant to NZ practice

The following documents outline the Society's requirements and provide more information for the accreditation or endorsement of learning activities.

CE Accreditation Standards

The standards must be read in conjunction with the CE Accreditation Policy. They provide a validated structure against which CE activities are evaluated and approved. To be approved, a learning activity must demonstrate that it satisfies all of the Accreditation Standards. The application and supporting evidence must demonstrate how the activity meets each of these Standards.

These Standards were reviewed and updated in January 2023

CE Accreditation Application Guide

Please read this guide carefully before applying for accreditation of any learning activity.

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Application Forms

Please contact if you have any questions or concerns. 

Reference material

CE Accreditation Policy

This policy covers the principles and associated procedures that govern the formal accreditation or endorsement of any learning activity by PSNZ.