Frequently asked questions

What is an intern programme?

The EVOLVE Intern Programme is the accredited programme for BPharm graduates in New Zealand on their road to becoming registered pharmacists. During the year, interns undertake supervised practice with experienced pharmacists in addition to completing assignments, portfolios and appraisals.

When can I enrol?

Enrolments open at the beginning of November and will close 20th of January. PSNZ student members will be sent information on enrolling. If you are not a member, join now to make sure you receive all the relevant information.

How do I find a job?

You can apply for jobs that are advertised on job websites eg Trademe, Seek etc or by contacting pharmacies directly.

We have a job vacancies page where pharmacies that are looking to take on an intern for the following year list vacancies. To access this page, make sure you are logged in using your PSNZ student membership.

When does the programme start?

The EVOLVE Intern Programme officially starts on the 1st of February. You need to be enrolled by the 20th of January. Interns that have enrolled in the programme and have their APC are able to start counting their hours of supervised practice from the 10th of January. We strongly recommend interns start on or as close to the 10th of January as possible.

What if I want to defer my internship?

Graduates of a BPharm can defer their internship for up to 2 years. According to the Pharmacy Council policy, graduates must register with the Pharmacy Council within 2 years of completing their BPharm.   

How many hours do I have to work?

Interns must be working a minimum of 35 hours a week at an approved site. A minimum of 1450 hours of supervised practice is required to complete the programme. This supervised practice can be recorded from 10th January to 7th November each year as long as interns have completed their enrolment with us and have a current APC.

How much does it cost?

Fees for the 2023 programme were $5300 for NZ residents and $8750 for Non-NZ residents. Fees are determined by your residency status at the time of enrolment. Please note that these fees are indicative only. They are subject to yearly review.

How do I get my APC?

Interns must hold a current Annual Practising Certificate (APC) to be eligible to work as an intern. This is issued by the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand. Contact the Pharmacy Council for further information.  

How long is the programme?

The EVOLVE Intern Programme officially runs from the 1st of February to the 7th of November each year.

Can I pay my intern fees off over the year?

Yes. You are more than welcome to pay your fees off in instalments throughout the year. Intern fees are the responsibility of the intern and all instalments must be paid no later than the 20th October of each calendar year.

What if my site/preceptor is not approved?

No problem. Your site and/or preceptor to apply to become approved. Click to find out more information on Site Approvals and Preceptors.

Is PSNZ membership included?

While you are a student, PSNZ membership is complimentary. While you are an intern enrolled with the EVOLVE Intern Programme, your PSNZ membership is included.