PACT Application

In order to apply for the PACT Training Programme (Cohort 19) you need to complete the application pack provided below.

Before completing the application pack, please ensure you understand what the PACT Training involves.

About the PACT Training Programme

If accepted into the programme, both the PACT trainee and PACT Preceptor (if they have not attended a workshop within 3 years) must attend an in-person workshop. Following this, there are obligations for both the preceptor and the trainee.

The Cohort 18  in-person workshops will be taking place on -

  • Monday 8th April (technicians), and Tuesday 9th April (preceptors) at the Willeston in Wellington

PACT Trainee Obligations;

The PACT Trainee must complete the PACT Training Programme within 12-months.

The training involves online learning modules on –

  • Dispensing
  • Errors
  • Calculations
  • Standard Operating Procedures

If successful in the first part of the programme the trainee will progress to the assessment portion of the training.

The assessment portion covers –

  • 1000-item checking log
  • A practical assessment
  • A telephone interview

All three of these activities must be successfully completed in order to become certified as a Pharmacy Accuracy Checking Technician.

PACT Preceptor Obligations;

The PACT preceptor must -

  • Provide guidance and support to the trainee
  • Complete a minimum of two appraisals with the trainee
  • Complete an assignment.

Cost of the training

Community Pharmacy - Te Whatu Ora is fully funding PACT programme placements for eligible applicants from community pharmacies. Travel arrangements to the in-person workshop are additional.

Hospital Pharmacy - The cost of the PACT programme is $3000 (excluding GST). If accepted into the programme, an invoice will be sent to the pharmacy to cover the cost of training. Travel arrangements to the in-person workshop are additional.


To apply to be considered for the PACT Training Programme you must complete an application form. The application form details information about the potential PACT trainee and potential PACT preceptor as well as relevant information about your pharmacy. Please complete ALL sections of the application form, incomplete applications will not be considered.

Along with the application form, the potential PACT trainee must complete a 200-item dispensing log under the pharmacists’ supervision. More information on this part of the application process is contained in the guidance document in your application pack below. Please read these documents carefully. You will also find all the forms you need to complete your log in the pack provided. 

Please note, there are only a limited number of spaces available in each Cohort and acceptance into the programme is not guaranteed. 

Please email the completed application form and dispensing log to no later than 10 p.m. on Sunday 10th March 2024.

Applications received after this date will not be considered.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Download the relevant application pack below.