System Help

We hope you’ve now had a chance to look around your ECP Support Course.

The resources delivered in this course have been identified as areas that will support ECPs and will be essential to help advance your practice, develop new skills, gain confidence in leadership and connect with your community and peers.

As part of the delivery you now also have access to the ECP Network. This is a space designed for our ECPs to connect and collaborate.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to add a discussion point you can do so by typing directly into the discussion box on the landing page. You can also share any links, videos or attachments directly here.

If you are wanting you quickly share a resource, you can do this through the “Library” tab. Simply click the plus icon to get started. We have added a short TedTalk as an example.

You are currently set up to get an email alert when new resources are added to your ECP Network. If you find this overwhelming, you can easily mute these notifications through the dropdown function on the right of your screen.

MyLearning App

You can also now access your MyLearning platform through the TotaraLearn App. Totara is the platform that we use to deliver MyLearning.

Download the app through your phone's app store and then authenticate it using your usual PSNZ login details. is the organisation's URL you will need to enter. 

The app will allow you to access any learning, your ECP Support Couse and your ECP Network right from your pocket.