PACT Feedback

PACTs Say 

The PACT programme has been really beneficial for our service. We have found it has upskilled technicians, improved dispensary accuracy and they have enjoyed the additional responsibility. It also releases pharmacists to concentrate on following up clinical enquiries.  We would certainly value more PACT qualified technicians in our pharmacy.

Nicki Thomson - Wellington Hospital Pharmacy 

I enjoy the responsibility of being a PACT and that I can do something more with my qualification as a technician. My role as a PACT has allowed our department to put more pharmacists on the wards where we can provide a better patient-centred service.

Michelle Jennings - Palmerston North Hospital Pharmacy Department

The extra responsibility and more challenging work motivated me to become a PACT. It's definitely worth doing the PACT training. It's good for the pharmacy too, because it free's up the pharmacist's time and allows them to help patients more.

Dawn McCorkindale - Life Pharmacy La Hoods

I enjoy my new role and new responsibilities as a PACT. I enjoy the responsibility of making sure that the correct result is achieved for the patient. I know what goes out is may responsibility and I like that challenge.

Deirdre McClintock - Healthworks Pharmacy

PACT Employers Say 

Having a PACT allows pharmacists more contact time with patients on the wards. It also allows the pharmacist more time in the dispensary to do those clinical checks which will ultimately benefit the patient because their medications are correct. Having a PACT has removed the necessity for the pharmacists to have to do those accuracy checks.

Kim Rogers, North Shore Hospital Pharmacy Operations Manager 

With a PACT, pharmacists are more available to leave the dispensing bench to perform consultations with patients. It frees us up to be able to offer other services, like blood pressure, urinary tract infections, erectile dysfunction, and flu vaccinations. We are having quality conversations around medications, and those things we’ve got the skill set to do. Having a PACT allows prescriptions to be moved through the process without having to rely on the pharmacist to come back from a consultation. It's allowed us to be much more flexible around patient needs.

Bernie McKone, Owner, Waikiwi Pharmacy