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The Foundation welcomes applications from pharmacists from all areas of the profession who want support to undertake practice-related research.

Some examples of projects that received funding in 2020 are:

  • Combating antimicrobial resistance (AMR) using triggerable antibiotic prodrugs
  • Standardisation of extemporaneously compounded formulations for children in New Zealand
  • Developing an educational package to upskill pharmacists in promoting health behaviour change
  • Real world adverse event profile of the seasonal influenza vaccine
  • He tono whakapiki ora: Whānau and pharmacists' knowledge exchange

Grants with published papers held by NZPERF

The following research grants produced published papers that are held at NZPERF office. If you require a copy or further details please contact the Secretary,

List of published papers

Grants awarded by NZPERF

Summer Studentships

Each year the NZPERF Board provides funding of $18,000 to each School of Pharmacy for summer studentships.

Otago University receives three grants of $6,000 each for students undertaking the BPharm Honours programme.

The funds awarded in 2020 covered the following studies:

  • What is a safe dose of metformin for patients receiving intermittent hemodiafiltration?
  • Pharmacists’ perceptions of their working conditions in New Zealand
  • What constitutes evidence for over the counter medicines? A cross sectional survey of New Zealand community pharmacists

Auckland University receives three summer studentships of $6,000 each and the studies for 2020/2021 were:

  • Bleeding risk for patients on anticoagulants with cirrhosis
  • A thermogelling system for the sustained, localised intratympanic delivery of ascorbic acid
  • Quantification of pharmaceutical waste: A pilot study

The following University Summer Studentships have been undertaken and detailed reports are held by NZPERF. If you would like further information please contact the Secretary, Jess Withell -

List of summer studentships

The Trust Deed specifies that the purpose of the Foundation is to stimulate advances in pharmacy education and research in New Zealand. Thus, grants are only made when the Board is of the opinion that the completion of the project will benefit pharmacy in this country. The Board does not normally fund applications for travel expenses incurred in the process of completing projects.

Guidelines For Applicants

  • All applications including the cover sheet must be typed, using the link NZPERF Grant Application form and Guidelines. These can also be obtained from the NZPERF Secretary.
  • Applications must be submitted by 10th April or 10th October of each year.
  • It is important that the completed application form complies with the requirements specified in the grant application guidelines. If deadlines are not met grant applicants/holders risk ongoing and future funding.
  • If a person is applying for funding for education they need to show evaluation of outcomes and how these will be applied to pharmacy in New Zealand and not just personal development.
  • A person who applies for a grant to undertake study overseas will be required to give an assurance that if a grant is made, he or she will return to New Zealand and remain involved with the profession of pharmacy for a subsequent period to be specified by the Board at the time the grant is awarded.

Download this editable form to your desktop, complete and send to NZPERF Grant Application Form. After you have saved the document, open and choose to either "Add comment" or click on the "typewriter icon", depending on what version you have to be able to add content.


  1. You now need to indicate whether or not ethics approval has been obtained for your research.
  2. Applications are to be single sided. Do not double side.
  3. Methodology - this must be clear and it is suggested that those not associated with a university should seek guidance from a university researcher.
  4. Publication costs in open access journals will be considered, but will be capped at $750.00 and considered on a case by case basis.

Reporting Form for Grant Holders

Download the editable Progress and Completed report forms to your desktop, complete and send to NZPERF. After you have saved the document, open and choose to either "Add comment" or click on the "typewriter icon", depending on what version you have to be able to add content.


NZPERF is not currently funding applications for PhD scholarships.

For further details contact

Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand by email

Applications close on 10th April and 10th October each year.