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The Foundation welcomes applications from pharmacists from all areas of the profession who want support to undertake practice-related research.

Some examples of projects that received funding in 2020/2021 are:

  • Public’s perception, impression and expectation of community pharmacies in the wake of COVID-19
  • What is preventing the development of the Pharmacy Accuracy Checking Technician workforce?
  • Evaluate the use of Standing Orders to initiate therapy for HIV Prevention (PrEP) as an extension of community pharmacy services
  • Dual drug loaded nanoparticles to eradicate cancer stem cells in HER2 breast cancer
  • Development of an in situ forming injectable gel for intratumoural oxygen delivery
  • New Zealand pharmacists’ attitudes towards medically assisted dying

Grants held by NZPERF

Grants awarded by NZPERF

Summer Studentships

The Board are currently reviewing how and to whom it funds summer studentships. This section will be updated once this is finalised.

Guidelines For Applicants

  • Applications must be submitted by 10th April or 10th October of each year.
  • It is important that the completed application form complies with the quidelines specified in the grant application guidelines. If deadlines are not met grant applicants/holders risk ongoing and future funding.
  • If a person is applying for funding for education, they need to show evaluation of outcomes and how these will be applied to pharmacy in New Zealand and not just personal development.
  • A person who applies for a grant to undertake study overseas will be required to give an assurance that if a grant is made, he or she will return to New Zealand and remain involved with the profession of pharmacy for a subsequent period to be specified by the Board at the time the grant is awarded.

Download this editable Grant Application Form (it will automatically download) and send to


  1. You now need to indicate if ethics approval has been obtained for your research.
  2. Applications are to be single sided. 
  3. Methodology - this must be clear, and it is suggested that those not associated with a university should seek guidance from a university researcher.
  4. Use non-technical language and write the application for a general pharmacy audience. 
  5. Publication costs in open access journals will be considered but will be capped at $750.00 and considered on a case by case basis.

To support you with your application here are a few helpful links for writing a grant application.

Reporting Form for Grant Holders

If you require a Progress or Completed report form, download the editable Progress and Completed report forms and send to NZPERF.


NZPERF is not currently funding applications for PhD scholarships.

For further details contact

Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand by email

Applications close on 10th April and 10th October each year.