New Te Whatu Ora funding to support PSNZ training more than 200 Pharmacy Accuracy Checking Technicians (PACT) over the next 2.5 years

The Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand (PSNZ) President Rhiannon Braund today announced PSNZ will be providing up to 205 funded Pharmacy Accuracy Checking Technician (PACT) training placements over the next 2.5 years after signing a new training agreement with Te Whatu Ora.

Professor Braund says having more than 200 extra PACTs will be beneficial for the whole community pharmacy workforce, supporting more efficient dispensaries, providing a career pathway for pharmacy technicians and enabling pharmacists to focus on other aspects of their health professional role.

“This is a win/win situation for community-based pharmacists and technicians and will help reduce the pressures that currently exist due to the pharmacist workforce shortage and increased demand for pharmacy services throughout New Zealand.”

“Our members, who include pharmacists and technicians, will all welcome this agreement and we are delighted we have been able to sign it with Te Whatu Ora on their behalf,” she said.

Professor Braund says the training will take place between 1 November 2023 and 30 June 2026, and involve eligible technicians completing a 12-month training programme which will enable them to conduct the final accuracy check on dispensed medication which has been previously clinically checked by a pharmacist.

“This is a good example of how trying something new can have long-term benefits.”

The initial PACT project was undertaken in 2014/2015 which investigated the viability of this workforce in New Zealand. The project results showed that having a PACT enabled pharmacists to spend more time on patient focused activities.

“PACTs reported they found their work more rewarding and had a greater sense of achievement.

Quality and safety of dispensing was maintained, and workflow became more efficient.”

Funded placements will be limited to community pharmacy-based pharmacy technicians who meet the eligibility criteria. Priority placements will be provided to eligible Māori, Pacific, and rural candidates.

For more information please contact:

Helen Morgan-Banda
CEO Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand Inc
Mobile: 021 2400946