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In 2014 Health Workforce New Zealand, as a business unit of the Ministry of Health, supported the introduction of the Pharmacy Accuracy Checking Technician (PACT) role in New Zealand. The introduction of this internationally recognised role enables pharmacists to spend more time on patient-focused activities. The PACT programme is a 12-month training programme, preparing pharmacy technicians to take the final accuracy check on dispensed items that have been clinically approved by a pharmacist. The Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand Incorporated is the sole provider of the PACT training programme in New Zealand. You can read about the PACT Pilot programme here to learn about how it all began.


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The PACT programme is administered by PSNZ using the New Zealand Pharmacy Accuracy Checking Technicians (PACT) Governance, Operational and Training Frameworks. PSNZ collaborated with Medsafe and the Pharmacy Council of NZ to review and update the PACT framework in 2022. This collaboration brought about a series of changes to how the PACT role in New Zealand. You can find a summary of the main changes here.

The PACT framework is in three sections, each covering a different aspect of the administration.

1. Governance Framework

The PACT Governance Framework describes the overall legislative oversight and governance responsibility for the PACT programme.

Read the Section for the PACT Governance Framework (December 2022)

2. Operational Framework

The PACT Operational Framework describes the legislative framework that PACTs operate within, the required pharmacy work environment, and the pharmacy workforce requirements. Diagrams of the adjusted dispensary workflows required for both a trainee and certified PACT are included.

Read the Section for the PACT Operational Framework (December 2022)

3. Training Framework

The PACT Training Framework describes the training requirements for PACT certification and the factors that enable optimal outcomes for training and employing a PACT.

It describes the learning outcomes for both the PACT trainee and their preceptor which, if successfully met, will ensure the trainee has the knowledge and competence to undertake final accuracy checking of clinically approved dispensed medicines and products. The structure of the Training Programme, and eligibility for entry into the programme is explained. Finally, the process for certification, after successful completion of the programme is outlined.

The PACT trainee must work within the parameters of this framework and must have no input into the dispensing process for any medicine or product involved in their training activity.

Read the Section for the PACT Training Framework (December 2022)


THE PACT STANDARDS recognise that there are three significant and important contributors to facilitating successful PACT Trainee learning:

  • The Preceptor
  • The Employer
  • The Training Site

These Standards are in addition to the New Zealand Framework for Pharmacy Accuracy Checking Technicians (above), the Competence Standards for Pharmacists and the PACT Training Agreement.

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