NZPERF Celebrates 50 years

The New Zealand Pharmacy Education and Research Foundation (NZPERF) is 50 years old this year.

The Foundation started with a modest grant from the Pharmaceutical Society of 1000 pound in 1967. This year it has achieved the milestone of four million in funds through ongoing contributions from the profession and judicious investment of funds.

NZPERF’s role is to assist both the funding of the development of pharmacy education and to fund research into the science and practice of pharmacy and by doing so ensure that New Zealand pharmacists have the opportunity to remain at the forefront of their profession.

It has achieved this by funding a significant number of pieces of research that have made a real and significant contribution to moving the profession forward.

Some notable examples include;

  • A study carried out by Lynne Bye in May 2006 reviewing and evaluating pharmacist involvement in screening services in New Zealand community pharmacies.
  • Another study carried out in May 2006 led by Jeff Harrison examined the cardiovascular risk profile and determinants of risk in mental health patients.This study helped to highlight the inequities and increased mortality for mental health patients with regard to their physical health.
  • In February 2005 Professor Sarah Hook, survey of pharmacist and public attitudes toward community pharmacy based influenza immunisations.
  • In November 2009, Ian McMichael and Alice Littlewood carried out a review of an influenza vaccination service provided by New Zealand Pharmacy. Pharmacists now offer a safe and convenient option for vaccination for their patients.
  • A very topical study which started in November 2016 led by Dr Caroline Morris, Mary Wong and Eileen McKinlay is Community pharmacists’ perceptions of their role in primary mental health care. Results will be available in 2018.

In recognition of its 50 th year and to keep moving the profession forward NZPERF is seeking donations from pharmacists and the wider pharmaceutical industry.

Online donation is now possible through the Pharmaceutical Society website.

Make your contribution to the future of the profession today.

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