PSNZ awards new Fellowships

The Society extends its warm congratulations to our three new Fellows, Patricia (Trish) Farrelly, Jacqueline (Jacqui) Lawson and Kathryn (Kathy) Maxwell

The panel of Fellows who made the awards agree that all were outstanding candidates who have made and continue to make an exceptional contribution to the profession in a diverse range of areas. Below is a brief synopsis of their achievements.

Trish Farrelly

Trish is probably best known for the contribution she has made to the development of the EVOLVE Intern Training Programme firstly as Staff Pharmacist between 2004 and 2006 and from 2006-2015 as the Manager for the programme.

When Trish was appointed as Staff Pharmacist this coincided with the first graduating cohort of the Auckland School of Pharmacy and with the establishment of the Pharmacy Council, so Trish was involved from the outset with managing major changes in the delivery of the EVOLVE programme.That these challenges were met so effectively is to a large degree down to Trish's professionalism, passion and commitment.

During Trish's tenure as Manager the EVOLVE programme was the subject of an external review by an overseas expert (Professor Zubin Ausin), and was accredited as the sole provider of the internship training in New Zealand by the Australian Pharmacy Council.It was during this period that there were major developments in both the training and assessment components of the programme.Much of the success of these changes can be attributed to Trish's contributions.Her underlying commitment to excellence and professionalism is clearly manifest in the EVOLVE programme.The programme is recognised internationally as being of the highest quality.

Since 2016 Trish has been the Pharmacy Manager at the Ministry of Health involved in the development of the Pharmacy Action Plan

Jacqui Lawson

It is difficult to adequately describe the contribution that Jacqui has made to the pharmacy profession in Canterbury.

Jacqui has been involved in the shaping of pharmacy services in the new post crossroads environment for many years and her valuable insights have guided pharmacists and other health leaders in making Canterbury an exciting place to practice pharmacy, today and in the future.

She has shown ongoing initiative, leadership and dedication to pharmacy.This can be seen in her role as Clinical Advisory Pharmacist at a primary healthcare practice, the only role of its kind in the region at its inception.The evaluation of her 2007 pilot project led to the establishment of a similar position in the Christchurch PHO in 2010, a position which is still under contract today.

Jacqui has held many leadership roles evidenced by her past and present membership of influentialwork streams such as the Pharmacy Service Level Alliance, a workstream which is supporting innovation in pharmacy services and enhancing the contribution of pharmacy to the patient's health care team.

During the February 2011 earthquakes Jacqui displayed dedication to her peers by manning the phones for many hours supporting primary care with information and pastoral care.

Jacqui has earned the respect of her peers and is a role model in the profession.

Kathy Maxwell

Kathy has been a vociferous proponent of good pharmacy practice and of pharmacists working closely with their communities.Kathy has a passion for what she implements in her own practice and is thoughtful and encouraging to others in the larger pharmacy environment.Her patient focus is evident in the services she offers from her pharmacy inspiring her team to be a significant resource to her local community in South Auckland.

Kathy has always recognised education for pharmacists as a crucial way forward for the profession.At Auckland Branch continuing education events in larger fora, Kathy's keeness to learn and to modify her practice for the better is evident.Kathy has continued this interest by undertaking significant post graduate education completing a Masters degree in Pharmacy, investigating the challenging field of the Primary-Secondary care interface.The work she has done identifying discharge medicine problems is a everyday issue faced by pharmacists nationwide.

Kathy has been a preceptor for many intern pharmacists.Those fortunate graduates have been recipients of Kathy's guidance have been exposed to her critical thinking and have their sense of professional opportunity enhanced by Kathy's personal example.

Kathy has also contributed at Governance level on CMDHB.