Recruiting assessors for technician workforce

Pharmacy Accuracy Checking Technicians (PACT) assessors are needed throughout the country as demand for their skills increases.

If you are a Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand (PSNZ) member this could be a great opportunity for you to take part in training up an incredibly important part of our workforce PSNZ Chief Executive Helen Morgan Banda says.

“This is such a feel-good role. You get to help upskill the dispensary workforce. PACTs are the backbone of every good dispensary team. The unsung heroes of our workforce.”

The need for assessors is nationwide.

“We need people in every district. The training for assessors themselves is done remotely, but we do need trained assessors on the ground in every district to provide as much coverage as possible to be able to deliver assessments everywhere because technicians wanting to upskill are everywhere.

“This is not a hard job to do but it’s a really important job. You’re assessing people who want to learn so you’re dealing with students who are passionate about their subject.”

Former PACT assessor Annette Tait said it was not a lot of time out of one’s day to be involved in someone’s “exciting achievement”.

“I still remember the first PACT I assessed. She missed one error, and I was absolutely gutted for her. She aced it the next time though.

“I sit there watching a trainee PACT during their assessment, willing them to do well - it's surprising how invested you become.

“They are always extremely nervous, so I do my best to make them feel comfortable. But nervous or not, they are still methodical and focused.

“I feel proud for them when they pass, which, thank goodness, is mostly, and sad for them if they don't.”

PSNZ does pay for assessors to travel to the technicians who require assessment and the time needed to assess.

Every profession understands its member have a role in supporting the next generation – in this case its technicians who are an integral part of any pharmacy team. It’s a great way to give back.

For more information about getting involved, please email: