Welcome to the committee: Amanda Stanfield and Callum Porter

Last week, the Society’s membership elected Amanda Stanfield and Callum Porter to the National Executive Committee.

This week, Newsroom interviewed them to find out how they felt about winning a seat and what they hoped to achieve in their time on the committee.


Q. How do you feel about winning a seat?

“This is a fantastic opportunity to give back to a profession that has helped shape my present.

“I hope I can be a useful member of the committee and do my bit to help the NEC go forward.”

Q. What do you hope to achieve on the committee?

“I’m passionate about enabling the Society to do more in the advocacy space and making sure members and non-members know what is happening. The Society has done so much and is well placed to help bring all the pharmacy groups together to help achieve greater outcomes for the whole pharmacy workforce. I know pay rates are a concern for pharmacists, particularly those in the early career stage of their pharmacist careers. I hope to do some work in this area but not just for the specialized area of pharmacists. I want to lift everyone in the pharmacy workforce’s take home wage.

“I’m aware that with the departure of Rhiannon Braund and Paul Larson that the NEC has no South Island representation. I’m going to make sure I can be a voice that covers that large area as well. I don’t want an area of pharmacy to feel neglected.”


Q. How do you feel about winning a seat?

“I’m pretty excited about winning a seat on the Society’s executive.

“It was quite humbling.

Q. What do you hope to achieve on the committee?

“I hope to do something for early career pharmacists.

“I want to find out why our early career pharmacists are either leaving the profession or the country.

“I want to figure out what we can do at an earlier stage rather than when people have finished their qualification. Is there a way to reach people while they’re studying and getting processes in place to keep them in for longer? Is there a way we can match what they’re getting overseas?

“I’m an early-stage career pharmacist myself so I think there is strength in having someone in that position on the committee itself when addressing this situation.

“I want people to feel heard so it’s making sure they do feel heard.”