Meet Hirushi Jayasinghe

Meet Hirushi Jayasinghe

Why did you choose Pharmacy? 

My parents work in health, Mum is a Pharmacy Tech at Wellington Hospital and Dad is a Specialist Doctor. When we first moved to NZ they weren’t registered, so money was tight, we used the pharmacy as a first line place to visit when we were sick to save money. From this I have always appreciated how accessible pharmacy it is to everyone. I also thought pharmacy would be better for my work/life balance.

Where did you do your degree?

Otago University

Where did you grow up?

Half in Sri Lanka and I moved to Wairoa in Hawkes Bay when I was 12.

What Pharmacy are you doing your internship at?

Unichem Kilbirnie Pharmacy

How are you finding your internship? What are the highlights or challenges from your internship so far?

I’m enjoying my internship, I love meeting new people, talking to people and making connections. I get inspired by other colleagues at work who have established relationships with their regular customers.

I love that everyday in my internship there is always something new to learn, including learning how to deal with challenging customers and complex prescriptions. I’m enjoying being open to taking up all these opportunities and to grow.