Looking closely at the reclassification of pseudoephedrine

Members are encouraged to take part in how the Misuse of Drugs (Pseudoephedrine) Amendment Bill will be formed.

The Bill was introduced to Parliament last night.

Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand president Rhiannon Braund says if members have specific areas they want raised during the Select Committee process to get in contact with the Society's Practice and Policy team.

It has been proposed that pseudoephedrine will be reclassified as a Class C3 (partially exempted) controlled drug.

In addition, all cold and flu medicines containing pseudoephedrine will be classified as restricted medicines through an amendment to the Medicines Regulations.

“The Society has previously provided advice to the officials developing the legislation. The safety risks with pharmacies stocking pseudoephedrine, and additional workload on pharmacists with a restricted medicine supply have been identified.”

The Government are proposing to have the legislation passed by the end of 2024 and depending on manufacturer supply products will be available in 2025.