Pharmacist of the Year - just do it

Pharmacists need to push each other forward and celebrate our successes, says PSNZ vice president Brooke McKay.

Mrs McKay is encouraging pharmacy teams throughout the motu to nominate their colleagues for Pharmacist of the Year.

Brooke is last year’s recipient of the award.

“It was a bit of a shock. It was a really rewarding experience. It recognised the whole team I work with and what we were accomplishing. It was a great opportunity to reflect on what we had done.

“There had been two to three years of Covid-19. We all felt we had done a lot of work. It was great having that recognised. We were justified for how we were feeling.”

Recipients of the award are given a study grant and Brooke has used part of the money to develop their pharmacy’s service model of care. “Widening the scope of that.”

The process of being nominated was a bit daunting, she said.

The judges assessed a submission of the work that had been done. As a result, the whole team reflected on what was achieved and talked more openly about what was going on and where more work could be drive, she said.

“As a profession we’re not naturally good at showing how innovative we are or good at showing how good we are at solving problems. This process allows that work to shine.”

Being identified as a leader in the profession is a “privilege”, Brooke said.

“My dream is to encourage others to do more in their communities and push boundaries. We are the eyes and ears of the health system. I want people to see solutions and opportunities. Pharmacies showed what they could do during Covid-19.

“I encourage people to nominate each other and celebrate the work everyone is doing out there in pharmacy. I think any opportunity we get to celebrate each other we should take it. Everyone should nominate someone. You don’t often reflect of how much you achieve until someone give you the opportunity to stop and take a breath.”

Pharmacy is an exciting profession to be part of, she said.

It is such an important tool in the health system and pharmacists were well placed to be part of the collaborative solution to a variety of issues the overworked system was facing, Brooke said.

“The next two years really excite me. The opportunities in pharmacy, the increasing scope of the Pharmacist is so exciting. We are the most seen touch point in the health system. Pharmacists are so innovative. We are the right people to lead collaboration.

“I love pharmacy. It’s my dream job, hand on heart. I think it’s the best job in the whole world.”

For more information about the competition and how to nominates people, please visit our website.