Evaluation of CPSA

Society perspective on the Evaluation of the Community Pharmacy Services Agreement

“The Society sees some positives in the Sapere evaluation of the CPSA” says Society President, Graeme Smith. PSNZ agrees with the Pharmacy Guild’s earlier comments that the recently released evaluation of the CPSA is ‘light’ on pharmacist in-put and has some limitations but Mr Smith says the Society believes that the report is useful in signalling a future oriented perspective for the role of pharmacists.

“The report highlights the success of extended services such as MUR, MTA and CPAMS,” says Mr Smith. “It also confirms some of the perceptions pharmacists have of the LTC service”.

Noting the DHBs commentswere strategic in intent the Society agreed with the view that there needs to be clear decisions around roles of pharmacists and where these roles sit, particularly in expanded clinical positions for pharmacists.

The Society is particularly pleased with the comment that GPs are generally supportive of devolving appropriate clinical responsibility to pharmacists.

“This is entirely consistent with the work we have been doing over the last few years including development of the New Zealand National Pharmacist Services Framework, the Vision 2020, Pharmacists and Doctors working together agreement, ongoing advocacy to increase the range of extended services available from pharmacists and work towards fully integrating pharmacists into the care team,” Graeme says.

It vindicates the direction articulated in the recently released Pharmacy Action Plan and the outcomes from the stakeholder meeting held last November looking at the future role of pharmacists in the community.

“Another interesting point I noted is that employee pharmacist satisfactionincreased during the term of the CPSA as they became more confident indelivering patient centric services” Graeme says.However pharmacy owner satisfaction decreased.

“The challenge facing the Sector Agents on both sides of the current CPSA consultations is to find a balance that provides more patient centric services in a sustainable manner” says Graeme. “The Society is committed to making every effort to achieve that outcome”.