Impact of Gut Microflora and Effects on Health - Live Webinar

  • 08 Oct 2018
  • 07:30 pm - 09:30 pm
  • Live Webinar,
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About the event

This course is provided by College Education and Training, a business unit of Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand Inc.

Presented by: Dr Juliet Ansell

Dr Ansell is an Innovation Leader, Health and Nutrition at Zespri International, overseeing the scientific research that supports health communications about kiwifruit in the global markets. Prior to this, Dr Ansell was an academic research scientist for just under 20 years and has a doctorate degree in Parasitology from Oxford University.

During her 9 years at Plant & Food Research NZ, she led major research programmes with government and industry support involving in vitro, in vivo and human clinical trial work researching the health benefits of plants. The research focused on interactions between micro and macronutrients, their digestion, absorption, and fermentation through the gut and the downstream effects of these components and their metabolites on human health throughout the body.

Dr Ansell has over 40 publications in peer reviewed scientific journals, 2 book chapters, has given over 20 International conference presentations and has 1 patent (Inventor).

Dr Ansell previously presented on this topic which was well received, so we have asked her back to present again in October 2018. Don't miss your chance to ask Dr Ansell your questions at the webinar!

Sponsored by: Zespri International

Course Information:

On completion of this course, pharmacists will be able to:

  • Describe the gut microbiome including how we acquire our gut microbiota, factors that affect the composition and their metabolic activity.
  • Explain the benefits of a healthy microbiota and what they do for our health such as fight pathogens, nutrient release from foods, benefits to gut function and environment.
  • Describe factors which can impact on our microbiota such as diet, antibiotics and general information on prebiotics and probiotics.
  • Describe the links to health and disease such as obesity and metabolic syndrome, minor infections and treatment with prebiotics and probiotics.


Pharmacists must achieve an 80% pass mark in order to complete the course.

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Pre reading is not assessed. Allocate Group 1 points based on one point per hour.

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