Sponsor Partnerships


Each year the Society runs a clinically focused symposia series in three or four locations around New Zealand.
Around 800 pharmacists attend the series each year.

Sponsorship is strictly limited to allow sponsoring partners the best possible opportunity to talk to pharmacists.
There is a one off cost to participate as a partner and sponsor, which covers attendance at all venues. The same cost applies whether you choose to attend one or all venues.

The sponsorship opportunity

  • Advertising exposure through the use of company logos printed on the registration brochure and mailed individually to over 3,400 members and on our website promoting the event
  • Logos on all communications materials promoting the event to over 3,400 members, on the programme and on screen between sessions
  • Opportunities to talk one on one to pharmacists at the events
  • Inclusion of promotional material in the delegate‚Äôs folder
  • Use of company banners at the venues
  • Opportunity to have a dedicated display table at each venue operated by your company personnel displaying material of your choice, which could include interactive and electronic displays requiring internet access
  • Complimentary attendance at each venue for two company representatives.

For more information or to become a sponsor contact Alasdair McIntosh, Phone 04 802 0032 or a.mcintosh@psnz.org.nz

Pharmacy Self Care Marketing Programme

Over 500 pharmacies are members of Pharmacy Self Care which is a professional marketing programme consisting of advice cards that pharmacists and technicians can use to engage with customers when discussing health conditions.

  • There are 41 pharmacy Pharmacy Self Care Fact cards and new ones are added regularly
  • Members of Pharmacy Self Care receive free stocks of cards and a free merchandising stand
  • Members also receive online learning, professional support, monthly advertising and promotional support.

The sponsorship opportunity

When the Society develops a new Pharmacy Self Care card, it approaches companies and organisations with an interest in the content of the card to come on board as a sponsoring partner.

This provides increased exposure for your company and its products through the 500 plus pharmacies that are members of the programme.

The Fact card is printed with the pharmacy's name together with the sponsoring company's product logo or product photo. Over 500,000 cards are distributed through these pharmacies each year.

For more information or to become a sponsor contact Alasdair McIntosh, Phone 04 802 0032 or a.mcintosh@psnz.org.nz

College Education and Training

College Education and Training, a business unit of the Society, provides quality accredited continuing education programmes for members in a variety of formats.
Accredited courses are approved or endorsed by Pharmacy Council of New Zealand and on successful completion of these, allows pharmacists to deliver extended services to the public.

Types of training includes:

  • Audioconferences with pre-reading
  • Modules which provide more in-depth learning and have assignment work associated with them
  • Workshops where participants attend a specific venue
  • Online courses.

The sponsorship opportunity

Sponsorship for College Education and Training comes from organisations with an alignment and synergy with the objectives of the Society. Our aim is to develop a mutually beneficial ongoing educational partnership with our sponsors.

To discuss the benefits available to you as a sponsor contact Shirena Vasan, phone 04 802 0031 or s.vasan@psnz.org.nz