Intern Site Advertising form

This form is to be used only for advertising Intern site vacancies.

PSNZ offer a job listing service to potential intern sites. This page is accessible to current fourth year pharmacy students from Otago and Auckland Universities

Please fill in all sections.

Use the 'Further information you may want to include in your advertisement' box to provide details about the role and working with you and your team: e.g. information about the pharmacy and community, services provided, hours, whether fees are paid, preference for any other language spoken, start date etc.

We also need to check that your intended Site and Preceptor's details are up to date. If known, please include the intended preceptor's name and the pharmacy owner's name in the message box.

Click here to read the PSNZ Quality Standards for Intern Training- Preceptors and Pharmacy Sites

Click here to view the PSNZ intern site requirements

In the "Message" box, please state what date you would like your advertisement to close.

Please notify us via email with the name of your intern(s) and to remove your advertisement once you have secured an intern. Please see our website for more information on site and preceptor approvals.

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