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  • 01

    A changing treatment landscape? Current use of biologics in Rheumatology, Gastroenterology and Dermatology Programme

    • 01 Oct 2018 / /

    Biologics, also known as biologic therapies or biologic response modifiers, have become an important part of modern healthcare. Join this 9 week programme (start date 1 October 2018) to learn about the development of biologics, their efficacy, common adverse effects, monitoring, initiating these agents and more!

    Dr Rebecca Grainger (Rheumatologist), Dr Stephen Inns (Gastroenterologist) and Dr Gerhard Eichhoff (Dermatologist) will each discuss in detail the use of biologics in their respective specialty field.

    Remember this Programme can form part of your Group 3 goal on this topic!

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  • 08

    Impact of Gut Microflora and Effects on Health - Live Webinar

    • 08 Oct 2018 / /

    We all know it is good to have a healthy gut but what is a healthy gut and why is it important?

    Join this live webinar to learn about gut microbiome including how we acquire our gut microbiota, factors that affect the composition and their metabolic activity, the benefits of a healthy microbiota and what they do for our health. The links to health and disease such as obesity and metabolic syndrome, minor infections and treatment with prebiotics and probiotics will also be discussed.

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