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    Privacy and Confidentiality - Live Webinar

    • 23 Sep 2020 / /

    Have you come across that situation when you unsure what to do regarding a suspected codeine shopper? Are you allowed to share the person’s details with nearby pharmacies and his/her GP? Are you allowed to check previous sales history linked to loyalty programme? What about a parent who comes in wanting you to identify a tablet they found in their child’s pocket? What about a police officer wanting to know what some drugs are? What about someone picking up their neighbour’s prescription?

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    NZHPA Introduction to Mental Health - webinar series

    • 05 Oct 2020 / /

    These sessions are dedicated to sharing practical, real world knowledge in mental health pharmacy, taught by specialist mental health pharmacists. The programme is suited to any pharmacist who has an interest in mental health, including both hospital and community pharmacists.

    Registrations close: Thursday 1 October 2020.

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    2020 College Learning

    • 01 Nov 2020 / /

    Take a look to find out about the new training topics being released by our College Education and Training team in the second half of 2020.

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