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Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand is a professional membership based association representing the pharmacy profession.

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PSNZ comments on proposed Integrated Pharmacist Services in the Community Agreement (IPSCA)

28 Mar 2018

The District Health Boards of New Zealand are conducting a consultation on a proposal to offer a new evergreen contract for community pharmacy services as part of the implementation of the Pharmacy Action Plan. The Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand fully supports the implementation of the Pharmacy Action Plan but has reservations about the proposed Integrated Pharmacist Services in the Community Agreement (IPSCA).

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DHB Consultation schedule

16 Mar 2018

DHB’s are consulting on a proposed new “Integrated Pharmacist Services in the Community Agreement”

For those members wishing to attend a DHB roadshow presentation, the schedule of dates can be found at the link below.

Roadshow schedule

The DHB’s Consultation documents and supporting information can be found here.

Consultation Information

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Substance Impaired Driving - On Demand

We all know about the risks of driving while drinking alcohol or taking illegal substances while driving. However prescription medication can also affect a persons ability to drive safely. Many people are not aware of the risks associated with driving while on prescription medication such as analgesics, antidepressants, antihistamines, heart medication e.g. beta blockers, anti-epileptics and anti-psychotics.

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Selected Oral Contraceptives On Demand Training Course

In March 2017 the Medicines Classification Committee reclassified selected oral contraceptives allowing supply by pharmacists who have successfully completed the oral contraceptive training programme.

The reclassification enables registered pharmacists who have completed this training to supply the selected oral contraceptives (SOCs) under strict criteria.

Learn about clinical and practice aspects to the appropriate supply of the reclassified selected oral contraceptives in this course.

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Pacific Culture and Health - Live Webinar

Recognising that there are a number of health conditions which affect Pacific people more commonly than some other ethnicities, it is important as Pharmacists we understand the variety of Pacific nationalities and cultures within NZ.

Join this Live Webinar to learn about patterns of ill-health within Pacific communities, the importance of family and religion, the challenges in accessing medicines and identify tools for improving interactions with our Pacific communities.

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2018 Symposia Series - Wellington


At this symposia in Wellington we are pleased to bring you an expert panel discussion on The Challenges of Professional Ethics along with in-depth clinical sessions on Mens Health - Urology (Prostate, Cancer and Erectile Dysfunction) and Womens Health (Fertility, Contraception and Menopause). Our Society Practice team will also be presenting a session on the latest regulations, practice issues and guidance and a Ministry of Health representative will speak on Immunisation, Pharmacy Role in Emergency Preparedness and Pandemics.

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