Medicines Use Review

If you take multiple long-term medicines, find out how a Medicines Use Review (MUR) can help you.

A Medicines Use Review (MUR) is a service that allows you to sit down with a pharmacist and talk about your medicines and make sure you are getting maximum benefit from them.

Together you can discuss any problems, questions or concerns you may have regarding your medicines and put together an action plan to address these.

This information is intended for patients. If you are a pharmacist, please see information for pharmacists.

You might benefit from this service if you:

  • Take a lot of different medicines
  • Sometimes forget to take your medicines
  • Are not sure why you take some of your medicines
  • Think your medicines are not working for you
  • Think your medicines might be causing unwanted side effects

You will receive personalised support to:

  • Learn more about your medicines and why you take them
  • Learn more about how your medicines work
  • Check you are taking your medicines correctly
  • Ensure that your medicines are working properly and are not causing unwanted side effects
  • Get help with how to use medical devices e.g. inhalers, spacers, eye drops, blister packs, testing kits / meters
  • Get help with remembering how and when to take your medicine
  • Reassure yourself and your family / whanau that you are taking your medicines correctly
  • Ensure you are getting the best from your medicines

Hear what patients say

Watch this video to hear what patients say about the Medicine Use Review (MUR) service!

What the service involves

You will need to make an appointment with your pharmacist to meet in your home or at the pharmacy.

Together with your pharmacist a plan is developed to ensure you are getting the best from your medicines.

The pharmacist may be able to make recommendations to your prescriber to improve the effectiveness of the medicine or reduce its side effects.


This is a free service (where funded by your DHB). Otherwise a cost may apply.

More information

Selected pharmacies throughout New Zealand are now providing this service. Talk to your pharmacist for more information.