Clozapine Dispensing in Community Pharmacy - On Demand

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Many of you will be completing this course as part of your Integrated Community Pharmacy Services Agreement to provide clozapine to patients at your pharmacy. Others may be completing this course out of interest or because you may work in a pharmacy with a clozapine contract in future. Please remember that you can only provide clozapine at your pharmacy if you have an Integrated Community Pharmacy Services Agreement in place. Pharmacies without a clozapine agreement must not dispense clozapine.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of all activities, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the place of clozapine in schizophrenia management
  • Identify common drug interactions and effects on serum levels
  • Recognise common and serious potential adverse effects of clozapine
  • Explain the full blood count (FBC) monitoring required for people taking clozapine including: List information required prior to dispensing clozapine for a new or existing person taking clozapine
    • Application of the ‘traffic light system’ of FBC results to dispensing clozapine
    • Defining the ‘drop of three’
    • Identifying actions to take when FBC results are abnormal
  • Explain how to manage unusual dispensing situations including: Apply learning to practical case studies
    • Reduced quantities of clozapine supplies when FBC results are older than expected
    • Action to take following missed doses

Original Presentation by: Ariel Hubbert - Mental Heath Pharmacy Services for Waitemata DHB

2020 Updated Presentation by: Kyra Sycamore - Mental Health Pharmacist

Obtaining Accreditation

Pharmacists must achieve a 100% pass mark in order to attain accreditation. Once accreditation has been attained a Certificate of Completion of Training will be provided.

One learning package must be purchased for each individual accreditation.

Competence Standards Addressed: M1.2, M2.1, O1.1, O1.2, O1.3, O1.4, O3.5.

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