Direct Debit

Direct Debit Membership payment option setup

If you wish to pay your membership fees for 2022 (Full members only) by Direct Debit you can do so by clicking on the below link and completing the online registration, please ensure you read and understand the below conditions before proceeding.

Please note the following conditions: 

We outsource the processing of our direct debit payments to Debit Success. By setting up these deductions with Debit Success you are agreeing to at least 12 monthly deductions (including an additional monthly service fee of 6.1% and a one off set up fee of $6.00 and a minimum term of 12 months). 

You must register for the monthly deductions in your own name (PSNZ membership number as reference) even if the bank account or credit card used for the monthly payments is in another’s name.

Membership status will be allocated/updated once the first payment has been received.

If you choose to withdraw or cancel your deductions at any time during the year the outstanding membership balance must be paid in full.

Deductions are taken on the 15th of each month. A late payment penalty of $14.95 is applied by Debit Success for any deductions unable to be taken due to insufficient funds.

For those starting deductions from 15 February payments will be $48.44 for the first month and then $42.44 thereafter.

By clicking on the following link you are agreeing to the above conditions: 

11 months or February – December - click here