What are my obligations?

What are my obligations?

As an Overseas Pharmacist or Return to work Pharmacist there are a number of requirements you must meet while enrolled in the EVOLVE Intern Programme. These must be met before being able to register in the Pharmacist Scope of Practice.

- Work a minimum of 30 hours per week at an approved training site (community or hospital pharmacy) under an approved preceptor. This must be paid employment and cannot be a volunteer position.

- Be available for meetings with your preceptor, including time outside of normal working hours if required

- Completing all coursework including assignments and appraisals provided by EVOLVE

- Be able to communicate effectively and comprehend English sufficiently for the purposes of practicing as an intern and a pharmacist as per the English Language requirements of the Pharmacy Council.

- Attending face-to-face Training Days during the year.

- Successfully completing the requirements of EVOLVE and the summative assessments of the Pharmacy Council

- Pay the Programme fee which covers all costs of the training programme, including attendance at and travel to and from Training Days and Assessment Centre.

- Interns must remain working in their site until Assessment Centre results are released.