Community Pharmacy Gout Management Service (CPGMS)

The Community Pharmacy Gout Management Service (CPGMS) enables pharmacists to provide serum urate point-of-care testing and dose escalate allopurinol in order to reduce patient's uric acid levels and reduce the risk of further gout attacks.

This service is provided under a referral from a medical practitioner for a patient prescribed allopurinol and the pharmacist will dose escalate according to a defined standing order.

Accredited Training

College Education and Training provide the training for pharmacists to become accredited to provide the CPGMS.

At least two pharmacists at your pharmacy site must have completed the training. One of the two pharmacists can be part-time or a locum.

In summary, the training consists of the following topics:

  • Clinical update on gout
  • Inequity and communication
  • The standing order including purpose of the standing order, target uric acid levels, allopurinol dose titration, timeframes for point of care testing and follow up, when a patient can be discharged from the service.
  • The Benecheck Point of Care Meter training

Pharmacists are also provided a patient information sheet, counselling template and consultation and consent forms along with the standing order and service specification.


The training includes assessments to be accredited to undertake the CPGMS.


$345.00 incl. GST for members or $550.00 incl. GST for non-members

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