Trimethoprim was reclassified in 2012 to allow accredited pharmacists to treat uncomplicated cystitis in women aged 16 to 65 years. The intention was to improve access to treatment for this common condition.

College Education and Training provide a training course for pharmacists to become accredited to provide Trimethoprim.

On completion of this training participants will

  • Understand the legal reclassification of trimethoprim for pharmacist supply
  • Describe the benefits to the patient of pharmacist-supplied trimethoprim
  • Understand the pathogenesis of organisms involved with cystitis.
  • Describe the microbiology of bacteria involved in uncomplicated cystitis.
  • Understand issues surrounding antibiotic resistance.
  • Describe the Risk factors for uncomplicated cystitis.
  • Understand the various sexually transmitted infections and pyelonephritis
  • Identify when Symptomatic treatment is necessary
  • Identify when referral to a general practitioner is necessary
  • Provide appropriate advice to patients relating to cystitis symptoms

This On Demand Training Course for Trimethoprim was updated in 2019, and you can enrol now by clicking here.