Medicines Use Reviews (MUR)

Medicines Use Reviews (MUR)

A Medicines Use Review aims to improve understanding and adherence to medicines by identifying and addressing factors linked to non-adherence behaviours.

Patients with complex difficulties in understanding and adhering to medications (and their family/whanau) receive personalised education and support to improve self-management. This is achieved through tailored education for greater understanding of what their prescribed medications are through an agreed action plan to address adherence issues.

College Education and Training provide a training programme for pharmacists to become accredited to provide the MUR service.

The training PRogramme consists of the following topics

  • Adherence and Medicine Management Services
  • Effective Communication
  • Documenting the MUR Service
  • Maintaining Ongoing Quality
  • Assessments (online assessments and undertaking a patient MUR consultation)

Go to the Resource and Learning Directory to enroll in the Medicine Use Review Training Programme.