Mission Statement


To create, lead and support a sustainable future for specialist clinical advisory pharmacist services.


CAPA will inform, develop, support and lead its members in creating value through the advocacy of clinical advisory pharmacist services now and into the future.

Intentions of CAPA

Membership Selection

A defined membership of clinical pharmacy practitioners with post registration qualifications will provide the foundation for this organisation. Pharmacists working toward such qualifications will be admitted as Associate Members.

Education and Information

CAPA supports a visible, ongoing effort to promote health care improvement via clinical advisory pharmacist services which educate and inform the general public, policy makers and other associations and organisations through the media and official publications.

Fostering Research

CAPA supports, fosters and mentors research activities undertaken by members. Membership to CAPA is restricted to those individuals who have demonstrated passion, willingness, and energy to undertake postgraduate education and an intent to improve population health outcomes. Research is the basis upon which specialist practitioners can demonstrate long-term worth and research will be an integral philosophy underpinning the practice activities of CAPA members.

Lead Service Development

CAPA supports the development of service concept designs which will add value and ensure the sustainability of specialist clinical pharmacy services.


CAPA develops and promotes lobbies as necessary to achieve the mission of CAPA and its supporting members. CAPA promotes lobbies that ensure the safe and effective use of medicines by the entire population with the aim of reducing medication-related mortality and morbidity.


Because of the education and skill base of its members, CAPA is in a unique position to provide expertise in the development of competency standards for clinical advisory pharmacist services.

Policy Innovation

CAPA seeks to influence policy issues that support its mission through information exchange, public positioning and innovative collaboration of key stakeholders.

Project Development

CAPA develops revenue streams as appropriate to facilitate projects which align with its vision and mission.

Breakthrough Collaboration

CAPA uses initiative and leads by example. CAPA leverages its distinctive strength with the ability to bring together leaders from key sectors of health care in New Zealand, to promote innovation through both individual and collective efforts.

Guiding Philosophies of CAPA

  • Operates a governance model based upon trust and open dialogue
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Seeks to remain a limited membership organisation based on criteria regarding post-registration education
  • Solicits senior decision-maker participation from its members
  • Considers academic, business and consumer perspectives in its discussions
  • Advocates positions on specific legislative bills and public policies and engages in lobbying for the representative sector as required
  • Seeks to develop consensus, but believes open, active dialogue and debate on important issues is productive even if a consensus cannot be reached
  • Puts members and their aspirations first – filling the current void through an understanding of member needs