Strategic Framework

The strategic foci outlined below provide the overarching framework for the future development of CAPA. The strategies are in line with the guiding philosophies, the Vision and the Mission statement of the organisation. The strategic foci are underpinned by the following three key strategic drivers.

  • Working with partners and key stakeholders at all levels
  • Fostering the environment through providing a voice for the specialist pharmacy practitioner
  • Anticipating and managing change
Focus High Level Actions
1. Leadership and innovation
  • Promote the value and contribution of CAPA and its members to: policy makers, funders and all other healthcare professionals
  • Ensure Board capacity to respond to future growth and demand
  • Build leadership in the delivery of specialist Pharmacy Services
  • Strengthen expertise and innovation through clinical leadership
  • Strive to build a supportive environment where innovative approaches can facilitate the full development of advanced practitioners
  • Lead by example to strengthen of the role of specialist pharmacy practitioners in the Primary Healthcare arena as occurs in secondary care
2. Select and develop appropriate membership
  • Assist in the development of an effective specialist pharmacy workforce that meets the needs of key stakeholders
  • Ensure a defined membership of specialist pharmacy practitioners with post registration qualifications that will provide the foundation for this organisation. Pharmacists working toward such qualifications will be admitted as Associate Members.
  • Develop a membership growth strategy
3. Foster research
  • Support, fosters and mentor research activities undertaken by members.
  • Membership to CAPA is restricted to those individuals who have demonstrated passion, willingness, and energy to undertake postgraduate education and an intent to improve population health outcomes.
  • Research is the basis upon which specialist practitioners can demonstrate long-term worth and research will be an integral philosophy underpinning the practice activities of CAPA members.
4. Support education and information dissemination
  • Support a visible, ongoing effort to promote health care improvement via specialist clinical pharmacy services which educate and inform the general public, policy makers and other associations and organisations through the media and official publications.
5. Quality Service Provision and Development
  • Identify opportunities for expanded service delivery to meet the needs of key stakeholders
  • Assist in continuously improving the quality and safety of services CAPA members provide to key stakeholders
  • CAPA will develop revenue streams as appropriate to facilitate projects which align with its vision and mission.
  • Cultivate clinical governance and evidence based practice
  • Supports the development of service concept designs which will add value and ensure the sustainability of specialist clinical pharmacy services.
6. Collaborate – Working with Partners
  • Maintain existing relationships and develop strategic partnerships with organisations in line with the broad philosophy of CAPA
  • CAPA will leverage its distinctive strength in the ability to bring together leaders from key sectors of health care in New Zealand, to promote innovation through both individual and collective efforts.
7. Drive competency
  • Because of the education and skill base of its members CAPA is in a unique position to provide expertise in the development of competency standards for advanced practice
8. Be a voice – advocate and influence policy
  • Develop and promote philosophies as necessary to achieve the mission of CAPA and its supporting members.
  • Promote philosophies that ensure the safe and effective use of medicines by the entire population with the aim of reducing medication-related mortality and morbidity.
  • Influence policy issues that support its mission through information exchange, public positioning and innovative collaboration of key stakeholders.
  • Develop a comprehensive communications strategy
  • Implement and maintain consultation strategy to key stakeholders