CAPA Colloquium 2021 - Human genomics and pharmacogenomics

Saturday May 22nd and Sunday May23rd
9am to 5pm
Brentwood Hotel, Kilbirnie

Our future – are you ready for it?

Targeted therapy, precision medicine, gene therapy, gene editing

This is a weekend workshop that will:

  • Review and update the principles of human genomics to provide the foundation for understanding advances in the application of gene therapy
  • Explore the concepts of epigenetics
  • Explain the issues of genetic screening
  • Discuss the application and limitations of Direct-to-Consumer genome reports
  • Consider the ethics of screening, privacy (who’s DNA is it?), gene therapy and editing
  • Look at the current application of gene therapies – including respiratory, haematology, oncology, infection
  • Look at the value of pharmacogenomic screening – and the application today

Our key speaker to introduce the topic is Dr Michelle Thunders
Pathology and Molecular Medicine, Otago University School of Medicine, Wellington.

Michelle is a strong believer in inclusive genetics education and making knowledge accessible, actionable and meaningful to all. She has demonstrated superb teaching skills as the co-presenter of the new Human Genomics course for the University of Otago

Other speakers will include specialists in the application in medical areas and pharmacogenomics

Cost (includes morning and afternoon tea and lunch)

$325 for CAPA members & NZHPA members
$425 for non-CAPA members

To register: email Carolyn Woolerton,, or click on link  for the registration form.