Clinical Advisory Pharmacists Association (CAPA)

About CAPA

In New Zealand, there is an increasing number of specialist clinical pharmacy practitioners who base their practice on the solid foundations of post-graduate education and clinical or practice research. They have created new professional clinical roles within the primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare sectors, as well as in academia and within the pharmaceutical industry.

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Full Members are required to be pharmacists who have a current pharmacy practicing certificate, and a postgraduate pharmacy related qualification of at least a Post Graduate Diploma level, and who are providing specialist pharmacy services.

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Mission Statement


To create, lead and support a sustainable future for specialist clinical advisory pharmacist services.


CAPA will inform, develop, support and lead its members in creating value through the advocacy of clinical advisory pharmacist services now and into the future.

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Strategic Framework

The strategic foci outlined below provide the overarching framework for the future development of CAPA. The strategies are in line with the guiding philosophies, the Vision and the Mission statement of the organisation. The strategic foci are underpinned by the following three key strategic drivers.

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Upcoming events in the CAPA calendar.

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