​Pharmacy Council Requirements for Pharmacist Supply of Melatonin without Prescription

The Pharmacy Council has released details of the competence requirements for pharmacists supplying melatonin without a prescription.

At a minimum, pharmacists will need to document a reflection on their knowledge and skills which shows they have considered their own need for additional learning in the key areas outlined in the Pharmacy Council document.

To aid pharmacists in this process, PSNZ ENHANCE has developed a reflection tool.

For those who identify that some learning is needed, PSNZ COLLEGE will have a training package available from the 1st September.

Other resources, such as a screening form and guidelines, will also be available via the PSNZ Pharmacy Practice e-Handbook and Practice Guidelines from September.

Manager Practice and Policy: Chris Jay c.jay@psnz.org.nz
Professional Practice Pharmacist: Chloë Campbell c.campbell@psnz.org.nz