Dr John Dunlop Awarded Society Gold Medal

The National Executive and staff at the Society extend their hearty congratulations to John Dunlop who was recently awarded the Society's Gold Medal for his contribution to pharmacy.

The Gold Medal is the highest award that can be made to a member of the Society and is presented to a member who has been recognised for their significant and outstanding contribution to the pharmacy profession. The award is at a higher level than that meriting a Fellowship.

The nominations for the award acknowledged John's work and continued passion for pharmacy. In his 78th year John has seen and participated in more changes in pharmacy than any other pharmacist still working. He has been controversial but has always been in the vanguard of pharmacy by introducing the first dispensing only, specialist pharmacy; introducing the concept of pharmacist facilitators working with Independent Practitioner Associations and later with Primary Health Organisations; promoting and being part of the development of the College of Pharmacists; introducing the concepts of Comprehensive Pharmaceutical Care; undertaking research in pharmacy for his Doctorate of Pharmacy; being one of the first pharmacist prescribers; and still working hard to establish suitable salaries for pharmacists to help ensure that our profession is dynamic, vibrant and sustainable.

The panel who made the award acknowledged that John has been instrumental in the achievement of many of the roles now accepted for pharmacists and his advocacy has futhered the profession. As stated in one of the letters recommending him for the award he has "Never been afraid to challenge traditional boundaries whilst being a leader for innovative professional practice."