NZ Pharmacy Education & Research Foundation Funds awarded

At the November meeting of the NZPERF Board the following funds were awarded:

EVOLVE intern programme patient –centred care assignment

NZ PERF awards $500 to the top assignments from one hospital intern and two community pharmacy interns. The interns are also required to write an article about their experience and the benefits to both the patient and the intern. These articles will be published in the e-edge in March 2017.

The winners were:

Hospital intern: Robert Haua

Community pharmacy interns: Kaitlyn Booth and Marissa Lockhart

Summer Studentships

NZPERF funds six summer studentship of $5,000 each. Auckland University awards three to pharmacy students who undertake research over the summer months and Otago University awards three to students undertaking the BPharm Honours programme.

The recipients for the 2016/2017 summer period are:

Auckland University

1. Jessica Harrington, supervisor Prof. Janie Sheridan and Dr Rhys Ponton.

“Pharmacy as a career choice. Analysis of the University of Auckland student pharmacy cohorts over the last 10 years.”

2. Ernest Cheah, supervisor Assoc. Prof. Malcolm Tingle and Prof. Janie Sheridan.

“Exploring the relationship between cysteine, cotinine and craving for cigarettes.”

3. Taskeen Iqbal Janjua, supervisor Dr Manisha Sharma, Dr Darren Svirskis and Dr Ali Seyfoddin.

“Investigating the sustained release properties of 3D Printed Polyethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Implants.”

Otago University

1. Laura Dowd, supervisor Assoc. Prof. Natalie Medlicott and Dr Ben Wheeler.

“The medical/surgical closure of patient ductus arteriosus – a survey of current practice in Australia and New Zealand.”

2. Priyanki Ghandi , supervisor Dr Hesham Al-Sallami and Dr Ben Wheeler.

“Neonatal hyperglycaemia management – a survey of current practice in Australia and New Zealand.”

3. Yuk Hin Shin, supervisor Assoc. Prof. Natalie Medlicott and Assoc. Prof. Roland Broadbent.

“Improved gentamycin delivery through intravenous lines for neonates.”

Grant applications awarded funding

The following research projects were awarded funds for two years to assist with their research.

1. Charon Lessing- “HIV Pharmaceutical Care in New Zealand”

2. Dr Caroline Morris, Mary Wong, Eileen McKinlay –“Community pharmacists' perceptions of their role in primary mental health care.”

3. Clare Hynd, Dr Michael Butchard, Dr Janine Stevens –“The effectiveness of community pharmacists providing stop smoking support services for smokers in the MidCentral district.”

4. Assoc. Prof. Bruce Russell, Prof. Paul Glue, Prof. Neil McNaughton –“The clinical translation of a biomarker for anxiety.”

Carolyn Hooper, Secretary.