Quality Standards for Intern Training

Debbie Wallace, EVOLVE Intern Programme Manager says "the Society is soon to introduce Quality Standards for intern training both for preceptors and pharmacy sites."

The Standards recognise that the preceptor has a significant role in facilitating successful intern learning and that other significant contributors are the training site and the person in charge of that site (the employer).

The development of the Standards follows an extensive collaborative process which included comprehensive input from interns, preceptors, key pharmacy stakeholders and the profession as a whole.

During consultation the Standards were very positively received and the overall concept embraced.

"Most preceptors do a brilliant job. Those who provided feedback felt the Standards would empower them to continue to perform their role to a high level and that they will be straight forward to apply" Debbie says.

"I would also like to thank Palmerston North based pharmacist Murray Adams for the significant contribution he made as project leader in developing the Standards."

Richard Townley, Chief Executive for the Society says the Standards were developed for the following reasons;
"Currently there are no descriptors or Standards for the preceptor’s role.

The sector broadly applies terms such as `good and bad' to pharmacy sites and preceptors.

The Society has the responsibility to approve training sites but currently there are no criteria or Standards other than a `clean licence'. In addition, pharmacy training sites should be seen as the prime example of best practice pharmacy and pharmacies should aspire to be training sites.“

The Standards will be introduced this year and fully implemented in 2018, this will allow preceptors and pharmacies the opportunity to ensure that they are meeting them.

The introduction of the Standards will enable the Society to issue pharmacies with a certificate as an Approved Training Site.

The way the Standards have been written ensures that they are future proofed to take account of the changing pharmacy environment and that they sit alongside competence standards for pharmacists.

Debbie says, "The Standards have been written to ensure that they are common sense and practical. They follow international best practice in the way they have been drafted setting out standards, criteria and behaviours. They also draw on the 8 star pharmacist model developed by the International Pharmacy Federation"

The full set of the Standards will soon be available on the Society website and a personal copy will be made available to all preceptors in 2017.

In summary the standards are as follows;

  • Standard 1: Lead by example as a role model of professional, cultural and ethical pharmacy practice.
  • Standard 2: Facilitate successful intern learning.
  • Standard 3: Communicate professionally as a preceptor.
  • Standard 4: Act as a positive mentor.

Intern Training Site:

  • Standard 5: The Intern Training Site provides a suitable environment for interns to experience and participate in the delivery of pharmacy services and work place activities.
  • Standard 6: Employers provide leadership and support to both preceptor and intern.

For more information about the Standards please contact d.wallace@psnz.org.nz

PSNZ Quality Standards for Preceptors and Intern Training Sites