Integrated Care in the Spotlight at Spring Function

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The Society hosted around 80 people to a spring function on Thursday 6 October, to introduce its framework for the way in which doctors and pharmacists can work together in the future.

In his speech Graeme Smith, National President talked about the context for developing the framework and the fact that the mandate came from the Pharmacy Action plan that talks about integrated collaborative care delivered in innovative ways.He also cited the rhetoric around change which is scary to some.

“Embrace change or be run over by it, the Society is ready to embrace change with other members of the health care team in a planned and sustainable manner,” Graeme says.

Dr Kate Baddock, Chair of the GP Council and Vice President of the New Zealand Medical Association introduced the framework in her speech.

The team members working on the framework include, Dr Baddock, Chair Stephen Child, GP Council Member and Blenheim GP, Buzz Burrell, NZMA Chief Executive, Lesley Clarke and from the Society, Graeme Smith, John Dunlop, Richard Townley and Bob Buckham.

Kate says, “The discussions have been challenging, robust and exciting.”

The team are planning to have a draft out for consultation before Christmas and there will then be a lengthy time for feedback.The framework will be solutions-focused and contain something concrete which those interested can use as the basis for working together.

Richard Townley says, “GPs are telling the Society they want clinical pharmacists in their medical centres and pharmacists are asking how they can provide medicines therapy assessments – because their local practice wants this – but they’re not sure how to go about it.”

Dr Burrell says “the framework will be a huge step in the right direction.I can’t believe we are not using pharmacists as much as we could do.”

Graeme also noted a number of Society achievements in the course of his speech including;

The Development of Quality Standards for Preceptors led by Debbie Wallace.

Richard Townley’s appointment to the Executive of the Primary Care Alliance

Lynn McBain’s appointment as a co-opted member to the National Executive.Lynn is a Brooklyn GP, Deputy Chair of Compass Health and Senior Lecturer in Primary Care.While currently on sabbatical in Canada she is visiting key pharmacy leaders including Zubin Austin, David Gardner and Andrea Murphy.Lynn will assist the Society to develop policies that allow us to work in an integrated way.

Graeme quoted from Alexander the Great –“ I am currently dying with the help of too many physicians” – Long ago it was recognised the need for an integrated care team.

The Society has recently joined the International Pharmacy Federation (FIP) to gain access to examples of best practice and research from around the world.

The Society is currently liaising with the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society to develop a Leadership Development Programme for pharmacists in New Zealand.

The National Executive have decided to co-opt a young career pharmacist to the Board and applications will be sought in the near future.