Recertification Requirements 2022 - 2023

New Portfolio for 2022/23

You have a new portfolio in your Pharmacy Council MyRecert platform to document your requirements for the 2022/23 recertification year.

Sort your verifier and have your first conversation

Have you assigned a verifier yet?  Log on to MyRecert and enable this on your current 2022 portfolio. You don’t need to have the same verifier as last year. And you don’t need to be theirs in return. See our step by step guide to adding the name of your verifier to your MyRecert platform.

You need to have TWO conversations with your nominated verifier - one in the first few months of the recertification year = NOW!, and the other when you’re getting ready for recertification after the beginning of December)

MyRecert now includes a page for you to document the two (or more) conversations you have with your verifier.  Please note you are required to hold these conversations but documenting them is optional.

What is different this year?

This recertification year you are required to complete all recertification activities listed in the Pharmacy Council recertification frameworkThis differs from last year’s reduced requirements.

Extra required for this year:

  • Complete TWO professional development cycles – that’s your PDP AND the competed cycle for at least two plans from your PDP.
  • Participate in TWO professional peer group meetings
  • Take at least ONE action to keep you up to date

Recertification Requirements for 2022/23

You must do ALL OF THESE as a minimum:

  • 1 x Professional Development Plan for the year
  • 2 x Professional Development Cycles (to complete the plan from your PDP)
  • 1 x Reflective Account
  • 2 x professional peer group meetings
  • 1 x action towards cultural safety
  • 1 x action that helps to keep you up to date
  • 2 x conversations with your verifier about your professional development
  • 1 x Verifier confirms your professional development has been relevant to your role

Keep an eye on our communications for more help and support this year from your PSNZ Recertification team.