Annual Report 2019

The 2019 Annual Report outlines the Society’s key achievements over the past year and details progress against long-term goals. It includes non-financial performance information and the Society’s financial statements.


The Society’s key role is to help shape the future of the pharmacy profession to achieve quality patient outcomes. For 2019 that has involved:

  • Increasing pharmacist vaccinator capability – Pharmacists can now be funded for measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccinations and influenza vaccines for high needs patients. As part of the EVOLVE intern training programme, all intern pharmacists will now be trained and accredited vaccinators.
  • Promotion of pharmacy healthcare services - A social media campaign with the key message of “Get to know your pharmacist” was delivered to promote extended pharmacy services, including the Community Pharmacy Anticoagulation Management Service (CPAMS), Medicine Use Review (MUR), flu vaccinations, and supply of selected oral contraceptives.
  • Advocating for workforce innovations - The Society invited Ravi Sharma, Director for England from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, to address attendees at the new look Society conference and to meet with New Zealand health sector leaders on workforce innovations in the United Kingdom, including pharmacist prescribing, pharmacists in integrated care settings and pharmacist extended services.
  • Developing high quality training to accredit pharmacists to supply melatonin, uric acid testing and gout management, adding to established training courses that enables the supply of clozapine, selected oral contraceptives, trimethoprim, anticoagulation testing, emergency contraceptive pill and numerous other pharmacist services.

It is through the world class ENHANCE professional development programme, EVOLVE intern training programme, best practice College education and training, and expert Practice advice and support that the Society ensures the capacity, competence and capability of the profession.

The Society acknowledges the great work that branch committees do each year and thanks them for their passion and dedication to supporting the profession.

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