Selected Oral Contraceptive Accreditation Training - On Demand

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About the product

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The 2017 reclassification enables registered pharmacists who have completed this training to supply the following selected oral contraceptives (SOCs) under strict criteria:

  • Ethinylestradiol (35mcg or less) combined with Levonorgestrel or Norethisterone
  • Levonorgestrel, Norethisterone or Desogestrel alone

Also, learn about clinical and practice aspects to the appropriate supply of the reclassified selected oral contraceptives in this course


Learning Objectives:

The first section of the course will take you through the clinical considerations such as the mechanism of action for oral contraception, advantages and disadvantages of use, the ‘generations’ of pills, contraindications, common drug interactions, rules around contraceptive safety. You will also learn about other forms of contraception and have a brief overview of sexually transmitted infections and cervical screening. You will also learn about how to conduct a pill teaching session.

The second section of the course will take you through the eligibility criteria, the SOCs available for pharmacist supply, clinical risk factors to consider, patient counselling and criteria to enable resupply. You will also learn about the regulatory requirements and professional obligations when supplying the SOCs as well as be guided to the supporting information, guidance and tools.

Obtaining Accreditation

Pharmacists must achieve a 100% pass mark in both assessments in order to complete the course and become accredited to supply selected oral contraceptives.

One learning package must be purchased for each individual accreditation.
Competence Standards Addressed: M1.2, M2.1, O1.1, O1.2, O1.3, O1.4, O3.5

About this learning module;

This learning consists of a 2-hour webinar (initially recorded in 2017 and reviewed bi-annually for practice updates), supplementary readings, reflective exercises and two multichoice assessments.

This learning activity has been accredited by PSNZ Education (Professional Development and Training) for 5 hours of professional learning and is suitable for inclusion in a pharmacist’s records for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) purposes.

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