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We have developed our specially priced ‘Accreditation Bundle’ of all three women's health accreditation courses offered by PSNZ College Education and Training unit (Emergency Contraceptive Pill Training, Trimethoprim Accreditation Training and Selected Oral Contraceptives Reclassification) for a total price of $160 (buy three, get one free).

Emergency Contraceptive Pill Training

Only pharmacists who are accredited by the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand are able to supply the Emergency Contraceptive Pill (ECP) without prescription. College Education and Training provides the training programme which allows pharmacists to become accredited providers of the ECP.

Upon completion of this course, pharmacists will be able to:

  • Describe the current barriers to access to contraception for New Zealand women
  • Describe the incidence of unintended pregnancy and rates of abortion in New Zealand
  • Explain the failure rates of current methods of contraception available in New Zealand
  • Identify when patients are at risk of unintended pregnancy, and when emergency contraception is required - including missed pills, drug interactions which reduce efficacy
  • Explain the menstrual cycle and its relevance to prescribing oral emergency contraception or recommending a postcoital IUD (PCIUD)
  • Provide advice on the available methods of emergency contraception, including their mode of action, risks and their relative efficacy and discuss follow up as required
  • Conduct a risk assessment, and refer women on to other services (eg sexual assault) as necessary
  • Counsel women on other aspects of sexual and reproductive health, eg the need for ongoing contraception / STI screening

Trimethoprim Accreditation Training

This training is designed to allow pharmacists to become accredited providers of Trimethoprim. Only accredited pharmacists may sell Trimethoprim.

On completion of this course, pharmacists will be able to:

  • Identify the signs and symptoms of urinary tract infections (UTI’s)
  • List the side effects, contraindications and interactions of trimethoprim
  • Identify when the supply of trimethoprim is appropriate
  • Identify situations requiring referral to other health professionals
  • Advise and counsel patients who require trimethoprim
  • Describe the current antimicrobial resistance situation with regards to trimethoprim in New Zealand

Selected Oral Contraceptives Accreditation Training

Only pharmacists who successfully complete this Pharmacy Council of New Zealand and Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand approved training programme are able to supply the selected oral contraceptives without prescription.

The first section of the course will take you through the clinical considerations such as the mechanism of action for oral contraception, advantages and disadvantages of use, the ‘generations’ of pills, contraindications, common drug interactions, rules around contraceptive safety. You will also learn about other forms of contraception and have a brief overview of sexually transmitted infections and cervical screening. You will also learn about how to conduct a pill teaching session.

The second section of the course will take you through the eligibility criteria, the SOCs available for pharmacist supply, clinical risk factors to consider, patient counselling and criteria to enable resupply. You will also learn about the regulatory requirements and professional obligations when supplying the SOCs as well as be guided to the supporting information, guidance and tools.

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