Basic Principles of Islamic Culture - On Demand

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This course is provided by College Education and Training, a business unit of Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand Inc.

Presented by:

Keshree Naidoo-Rauf

Keshree is South African by birth, Indian by ethnicity and Fijian-Indian Muslim by marriage. She is based in Hamilton where she is heavily involved with the local community and often run initiatives to help those in need. She has chosen to educate herself about the Muslim culture in particular to connect with her family, teach her son about his heritage, and better understand the Muslim community. She believes that education about other cultures is key to creating an inclusive society. As pharmacists we are in an ideal role to model inclusive behaviour. "Diversity is a fact. Inclusion is a choice."

Course Information:

On completion of this course, pharmacists will be able to:

  • Explain the role of an Imam
  • Explain the difference between “Islam” and “Muslim”
  • Understand the five fundamentals of Islam
  • Identify who is exempt from fasting and the types of medication allowed during Ramadan
  • Describe ways to meet the additional cultural and religious needs of a Muslim patient or staff member


Pharmacists must achieve an 80% pass mark in order to complete the course.

One learning package must be purchased for each individual to complete the course.

Group 1: 1.5 points – for listening to the webinar but not doing the assessment, or

Group 2: 3 points – for completion and submission of assessment questions (80% pass mark required).

Pre reading is not assessed. Allocate Group 1 points based on one point per hour.

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