MAVIRET® Quality Use of Medicines - On Demand

About the event

This course is provided by College Education and Training, a business unit of Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand Inc.

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Learning Objectives and Competence Standards

On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Review Hepatitis C infection, and the consequences if left untreated
  • Identify risk factors for infection and screening protocols in HCV patients in New Zealand
  • Describe the following for MAVIRET:
    • Recommended dosing regimen for different genotypes
    • Safety profile and common adverse events
    • Contraindications, warnings & precautions
    • Use in pregnancy and breastfeeding
    • Mechanism and management of drug-drug interactions
  • Explain how and where to report any adverse event

Competence Standards:

M1.2, M2.1, O1.1, O1.2, O1.4, O1.5, O2.1, O3.2, O3.5.


Group 1: 2 points – for completing the learning but not completing and passing the assessment, or

Group 2: 4 points – for completion and submission of assessment questions, achieving 100% mark with maximum of 3 attempts given.

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